Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day Post

The Blog Action Day topic is "water" which is appropriate here. Southwest Michigan has lots of water; it used to have a serious malaria problem to go along with the water, too. The vast network of rivers provided irrigation and transportation to the Mississippian culture mound builders and farmers, and later to the Potawatomi and other groups. Water power and water based transportation created wealth for the first U.S. settlers in the 1800s; today the rivers are used mostly for agricultural irrigation and for recreation. Dry areas of the US would like to have the water piped from here to their area to pour the water on golf courses and lawns, and allow real estate interests to make money building new subdivisions on now dry and unsellable land.

Meanwhile, other parts of the world would like more water to drink, or maybe fewer people to drink what they have.|Start Petition